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Book review for The Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures: Economics, Education, Mobility and Space Al-Raida, No. 120-121, fall 2008

How Lebanon has weathered the storm (with Aslı Bâli), MERIP, fall 2009

Natural resources and economic diversification: an emerging research agenda, Economic Research Forum pre-conference workshop paper

Nonmydriatic retinal image review at time of endocrinology visit results in short term HbA1c reduction in poorly controlled patients with diabetic retinopathy (with H. Salti, J. Cavallerano, D. Jawhari, S. Haddad, J. Sun, I. Salti, L.P Aiello), Telemedicine Journal and e-Health, July 2011

The economic cost of political instability, policy paper published by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, November 2012

Political Instability Costs Lebanon 5% of its GDP, policy brief published by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, November 2012

Shifting political economies of grievances: the generation of state cutbacks comes of age (with Melani Cammett), ERF blog posting, October 2014

The Ras-Beirut Wellbeing Survey (with Afamia Kaddour, Huda Zurayk, Cynthia Myntti, Sawsan Abdulrahim and Livia Wick), monograph forthcoming, AUB Press.


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