Work in progress

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The Ras-Beirut Wellbeing Survey (with Afamia Kaddour, Huda Zurayk, Cynthia Myntti, Sawsan Abdulrahim and Livia Wick), monograph under review, AUB Press.

Will sustainable development goals work? Questions about citizenship, gender and conflict in the Arab World (with Abbas El-Zein, Jocelyn DeJong, Adam Hanieh, Philippe Fargues, Helen Lackner) –in progress.

Decomposing inequality in the self-rated health of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon (with Sawsan Abdulrahim and Shogher Ohannessian) –in progress.

Distributional outcomes of price interventions for non-communicable diseases (with Franco Sassi, Annalisa Belloni, Mark Suhrcke, Andrew Mirelman, Rachel Nugent and Sukumar Vellakal) –in progress.


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